How to access Web GUIs that require Plugins

Many IP cameras and NVR/DVRs require plugins to be able to access all features of the web interface including video streams from live views or playback. These plugins are no longer supported by many web clients like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and even Safari. Below lists options that usually work to allow you to still use the plugins and access the full web interface.

We personally like to use Chrome the most so we like the first solution which is to install the IETab plugin.


NOTE - these solutions are tailored towards PCs, not MACs. Some manufacturers have plugins and client software for MACs as well but typically they are not updated as much and can be years behind the PC version. For this reason, we are only referencing the PC in this article.

1) use the IETab Chrom Plugin

This solution works when using Chrome on a PC (this doesn't' work on a Mac).

If you're in chrome, click this link and add it to chrome.

The basic idea here is that it allows you to run IE within chrome.

To use it, first install the plugin, then open a new tab and go to the devices IP address. Once there, click the IE Tab icon

. This will reload the page. Once there you can install any plugins the web GUI asks you to install. Once installed, you should be able to reload the page and use the full functionality of the web GUI of the camera.

2) Use Internet Explorer. IE still works to install and run these plugins. Even in Windows 10, IE still exists it's just not as obvious as Windows has moved to the Edge browser.

If you're using Windows 10, simply press "Windows key" + 's' to open the search window. Then type "Internet Explorer" and select IE. This will open IE then you can go to the camera's URL. If this doesn't work, you may need to adjust security settings to allow the plugins to install and run. Make sure to click "okay" or "yes" if any windows ask you for permission to run while installing the plugin or accessing the web GUI.

3) Most of the manufacturers have client software that also works to access most settings of the camera including the live view and playback content. These are usually the easiest to use and most reliable but they do require that software be installed on your PC and also have can be limited on more advanced features compared to the web GUI.

Links to download the client software:

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