Dahua Factory Reset Button Procedure

This procedure can be performed on most of Dahua's cameras if it has a reset button. Each camera has it's own reset button location. Some newer cameras may not allow this anymore.


  1. Find the reset button on your camera, an example is below
  2. power on the camera
  3. press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds
  4. the camera should reboot
  5. the camera will now be factory reset to all default settings including user accounts and IP address

Possible Default IP address:

Default UN\PW: admin\admin

On the SD59XX speed dome cameras, the reset button can be found behind a little panel.

unscrew two screws to remove the panel.

the reset button can be found near the edge as seen below.

When installing the panel back on, make sure the seal is clean and properly placed to keep the camera water proof.

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